Balancing Blood Glucose Through the Holidays

As the holiday season rolls around, we're all faced with treats and feasts at every turn. For individuals managing diabetes, balancing these indulgences can be like a tightrope walk. Here are some savvy tips to help control your blood sugar levels without missing out this holiday season!

Preparing for the Main Event:

● Start Your Day Right: Avoid skipping meals to save room for later. Enjoy a balanced breakfast or snacks earlier in the day to avoid overindulging. Skipping meals can make blood sugar management trickier.
● Travel Smart: If you know you will be on-the-go, prepare in advance with balanced snacks.

During the Feast:

● Fruits and Vegetables First: Keep it colorful (i.e. tomatoes, broccoli, carrots). Opt for raw, grilled, or steamed fruits and vegetables over those drenched in creams, gravies, or butter.
● Choose Your Carbs Concisely: When assembling your plate, try limiting starchy foods to ¼ of the plate rather than loading up excessive portions. It can be tempting to load up on mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and rolls. Try to enjoy a few spoonfuls each of starchy foods like potatoes, squash and corn.
● Drink Smart: Think zero-calorie drinks like water, tea, seltzer, or diet sodas. If you do consume alcohol, do so only in moderation and always with food. Remember, women should have no more than one alcoholic beverage per day, while men can have up to two. Standard drinks reference: 12 oz. regular beer, 5 oz. wine, and 1.5 oz. distilled spirits

Finishing Strong:

● Mindful morsels: Enjoy your favorite holiday treats, but practice portion control. Savor every bite, and eat slowly.
● Walk it Off: Or dance it off! After the meal, take time to move your body with friends and family. This will not only help with digestion but also helps manage blood sugar levels.
● No Self-Critique: If you happen to overindulge, don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone slips up now and then. Just refocus and get back on track with your blood sugar management plan.


● Host with the Most: Create a balanced menu from all food groups which includes lean proteins, fiber-rich starchy foods, veggies, fruits, and low-fat dairy. Utilize healthful cooking methods like baking, broiling, and grilling to avoid excessive fat use.
● Guest of Honor: Don’t be afraid to pitch in - Offer to bring a delicious and healthful dish which is in line with your nutrition goals for everyone to enjoy. 

Use these tips to create a game plan and minimize the stress of the holiday season. Joining in the festivities while keeping your blood sugar levels in check. Wishing you a season filled with good health and joy!

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