Health-forward Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Nothing says I love you more than generous gestures and thoughtful gifts. This Valentine’s Day, consider a healthy theme while brainstorming gift options for the loved ones in your life or creative date plans for you and your significant other. Here are some health-forward Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will make your loved ones feel cherished. 

Plan an Outdoor Adventure

Spearhead an outdoor adventure to some local nature. Whether it be a hike at a park or preserve, beach day, trip to hot springs, or drive to a scenic overlook, get out into mother nature with your loved ones. Pack a picnic with a healthy charcuterie board and enjoy your time together. 

Healthy Cooking Tools

Do a little inventory of what kitchen tools your loved one doesn’t have yet, and then consider what cooking utensils or items would contribute to healthy cooking and eating. Some great options are:

  • High-power blender

  • Juicer

  • Healthy cookbook

  • Air fryer

  • Cookware set

  • Spiralizer

  • Mandoline slicer

  • Food processor

  • Food steamer

  • Meal prep kit

  • Healthy meal delivery kit or subscription

  • Carbonater to make fresh sparkling water 

Items for Serene Sleep

Contribute to your loved one catching some good rest with these sleep-enhancing gift ideas:

  • High-quality bedding 

  • Comfortable pillows

  • Silk pillowcases

  • Lavender pillow insert

  • Lavender pillow mist

  • Weighted blanket

  • White noise sound machine

  • Roll-on lavender essential oil 

  • Silk eye mask

  • Cozy matching pajama set

  • Sleepytime tea blend

Elevate their Bath Ritual

Transform your loved one's bath ritual to a day at the spa:

  • Bathtub tray

  • Padded foam pillow with suction cups

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

  • Tea candles 

  • Bath salts

  • Towel heating rack

  • Hair towel wrap or shower cap

Gift Self-Care

Give the gift of self-care to help with your loved ones daily self-care rituals:

  • Diffuser and essential oil set

  • Aromatherapy candle

  • Cozy robe 

  • Comfy slippers 

  • Skincare essentials

  • Gua sha tools 

  • Self-massage tools

  • Fresh flowers

  • Heated foot bath

  • Massage gift card 

  • Spa Day gift card

  • Nail salon gift card 

DIY Love Coupons

Create a DIY booklet of coupons that your loved one can redeem for things like:

  • Household cleaning, chores, or projects 

  • Cooking a meal

  • Baking a sweet treat

  • Running errands 

  • Yardwork

  • A massage 

Exceptional Experiences

Book a class, activity, or experience to attend together:

  • Tickets to see a movie or play

  • Cooking Class

  • Dance Class

  • Ceramics class

  • Horseback riding 

  • A group, private, or goat yoga class

  • Book an epic vacation

  • Plan a spa day 

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