Loving and supportive gestures that are like a warm hug

Cheerful celebrations, joyful traditions, and togetherness fill the cool, crisp air during the holiday season. It’s a time to gather and show appreciation for our loved ones, especially those who are navigating a cancer diagnosis. This time of year can feel particularly lonely and overwhelming for cancer patients, which is why showering them with some extra TLC to show them they’re cared for will make a world of difference. Here are some heartfelt ways to support your loved ones who are struggling. Give them a hug or a gift that feels like a warm hug, so they can feel comfort and joy this holiday season. 

Create Meaningful Moments

  • Get tickets to see a movie or play

  • Take them for a scenic drive

  • Arrange a picnic in nature

  • Plan a yoga class to attend or a private yoga session

Helpful Healing 

  • Gift a Spa treatment gift card

  • Give a Reiki gift card

  • Put together a self-care basket 

  • Arrange a sound bath session 

Supportive Sentiments

  • Arrange an in-person visit

  • Make a friendly phone or video call

  • Volunteer to run errands or drive them to/from doctor visits

  • Offer to decorate their house or yard for the holidays 

  • Pre-arrange for someone to come and do housekeeping or yard work

  • Frame a print of an uplifting and inspiring quote or phrase to help encourage a positive mindset

Share a Sweet Surprise

  • Arrange a meal train with family and friends

  • If you’re the creative and crafty type, make them something like a knitted blanket or hat, that will bring comfort or put a smile on their face

  • Make a nourishing meal, like incorporating these healthy diet or nourishing recipe ideas and healthy food ideas 

  • Create a photo book filled with pictures of joyful memories

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